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Welcome to Florya Kumlubük

We would like to begin by extending an extremely warm welcome to you and wish you a comfortable and enjoyable stay at Florya Kumlubük.
Hoş geldiniz !
We will do our very best to provide you with a truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Whether this is your first time with us or you have been here many times before, we would like to make every single holiday unique and priceless.

We would like to provide you with some information that you may find useful whilst you are trying to familiarize yourself.
In the meantime, we do very much welcome and encourage you bring forward any questions you may have to our team and we will help and assist you in every way possible to make your holiday into a ‘perfect’ holiday.

We provide a very personal service that allows you to have contact with us 24/7 (WhatsApp Assistance line). Please feel free to contact us directly or via ‘WhatsApp’.

We look forward to meeting you during your stay here and  hope that you have an unforgettable holiday.

Sit back, relax and let us look after you ,  experience elegance with finishing touches that will compliment your Holiday seamlessly and make your stay effortless.
Florya Kumlubük Family


assistance line.

(+ 90 530 489 48 84)


Emergency Numbers &Emergency Proceedures

WhatsApp assistance line & Direct calls :

+90 530 489 48 84
Doctor & Dentist:

Please contact our WhatsApp assistance line.
In the unfortunate event that you may need a Doctor or a Dentist. Please contact us 24/7 regardless of the time ,may it be day or night.  We will arrange the most reputable professionals that we have been working alongside for many years for you.
Ahu Hetman Hospital        

+90 252 417 77 77 
Yücelen Hospital             

+90 252 419 10 10 
Devlet (Government) Hospital    

+90 252 413 4455

In case of any natural disasters (e.g fire, Earthquakes etc.)

Upon your arrival to Florya Kumlubük, please familiarize yourself with the layout of the hotel and your room.

Memorise any steps or doors that may hinder your possible emergency exit during an emergency fire evacuation or any other emergency evacuation.

Always keep your room key nearby.
Fire extinguishers are located within reach to your room. 
Any fires seen anywhere within the Hotel, should be reported to a member of staff immediately either  in person or by contacting us. 
Should the fire occur in your room, please contact us immediately. Do not try and extinguish the fire yourself. Do not open the windows in the room, exit the room promptly and close the door behind you.
Calmly make your way down to the main evacuation point (meeting point is the beach). 
This point has been chosen for safety reasons and it will also allow us to account for all guests staying at the hotel.
Please wait in this area while we manage the situation.
Follow these guidelines for any other emergency evacuations that may need to be carried out.


Amenities at Florya Kumlubuk

Reception services:

We are not a 24/7 functioning reception .We at Florya Kumlubük are all Reception
We strive to provide a service with a very personal touch to each and every one of our guests.  Therefore, in order to serve your needs  properly and on time, Regardless of the time, kindly contact us on the WhatsApp Assistance line so that we can assist you to our fullest  in making your holiday.


All rooms vary slightly. Therefore, should you have any enquiries regarding the facilities available in the property, please ask.  

Internet & wireless for all areas:
Password: vf2022vf (change if different) Sadly, we are not located in the village but in the rural part of the Peninsula. Therefore, we can only provide the internet via the mobile operators. It is more than enough to check your emails and to surf the internet. However, we kindly ask you to not download large files. 

Air conditioning:       

Select COOL(snowflake symbol) by using the MODE on the remote control . Then you are able to choose a suitable temperature by pressing the  (+) or (-)  buttons.
If you would like to use the HEAT mode please contact us and we will assist you.

Technical issues:           

Should you experience any technical issues or if you need any assistance, please could you contact us on the WhatsApp assistance line.


A liquid mosquito plug is provided in every room and it is refilled on a regular basis. When out and about we would recommend you to use a mosquito repellent spray or cream especially during the early evenings. 

Drinking water:

Its absolutely fine for using to brush your teeth. However, due to the high mineral content we strongly advise you to drink bottled water. It is quite common in Turkey to drink bottled water in homes as well as in the restaurants and cafes.


During the hot summer months, we kindly ask you to not leave taps running unnecessarily. A  solar powered system and water heaters are in place to heat the water for the entire hotel.

Mini bar:

In addition to the Complimentary teas and coffees, you will also find bottles of water that have been placed in the mini bar for your use. All used items will be replaced every day.

Linen change:

Rooms will be cleaned lightly on a daily basis. When it is necessary, the towels and sheets will be changed twice a week. Once a week a full clean will be done.
If you would like your towels to be changed at any other time, please could you kindly leave them inside the shower cubicle and our house keepers will replace them for you.


A local supplier is used for the hotels laundry. Therefore, if you would like to use a laundry service during your stay, Please inform us and we will be more than happy to arrange this for you.


Check out:

The check out time for the room is 11:00am.

Our aim is to make sure that you are relaxed and looked after up until the last minute of your holiday. Therefore, in order to ensure this ,please could you inform us as to when you are planning your departure from the hotel, so that we are able to provide you with your room as long as possible.
You can also settle your bill with :
Cash TL GBP Euros 
Visa/or Master card  
Debit card 

Swimming Pool:

The pool is available from 09:00am-19:00.

Pool towels are available in your room for you for the duration of your holiday.

If you would like your towels to be changed at any time, please could you kindly leave them inside the shower cubicle and our house keepers will replace them for you.
Please bear in mind the depth of the pool and the pool rules as we do not have a Life guard on site, therefore we advise you to swim with caution at all times for your own safety.

Smoking Policy:

No Smoking in rooms and enclosed areas.                     
We kindly ask to refrain from smoking in the rooms and all enclosed areas
Please be considerate and sympathetic to the other guests around you while you are smoking outdoors especially by the pool and on the beachfront.


We are aware that the majority of guests wish to show their gratitude to our team by way of a tip. If you would like to leave a tip for the rest of our staff ,please leave this at the reception.
All gratuities will be equally shared between the whole team and the ones behind the scenes who have worked very hard to serve and look after you during your stay.             


The waterfront has been designed with keeping your comfort and health in mind. Hence, we strongly recommend you to keep ‘Social distance’  for all sake
We do not have a Life guard on site, therefore we advise you to swim with caution at all times for your own safety.
Beach Cabanas are also available . More info to follow.


Taxis can be arranged at reception and will take 20 minutes for them to arrive. Please contact us on the WhatsApp assistance line.

Car Hire:

Car hire can be arranged for you, so please contact us on our WhatsApp assistance line. Details will be given on availability and prices

Environmental policy:

We as Flory Hotel to minimize our impact on the environmental have adopted an environmental friendly policy. This includes, lighting, electric, energy conservation and re-cycling wherever possible. We have solar panels to heat the water. Water is reused to water our gardens. Recycling the hotel waste wherever possible.  Large bottles of water are used instead of small ones. We also purchase the locally grown produce which in turns shows our support to the locals.


You can visit our website to get information about our efforts for sustainable tourism.


You can support us by filling out our survey in the lobby during your check-out.


Restaurant & Bar

A traditional Turkish breakfast will be served . This includes traditional Turkish tea and Turkish coffee.
By simply asking our staff, you are able to enjoy other beverages such as infusions from our drinks menu. These will be added onto your final bill.
Breakfast service: 08:30-10:30am

Lunch is available from 1:00pm-5.00pm.

The most important aspect of any holiday for most guests is the local cuisine. Florya Kumlubük  will not disappoint you when it comes to offering you a huge variety of the most fresh and delicious culinary delights with our touch 
We are situated in a region where we are the most richest in agriculture ranging from the freshest fruit and vegetables down to the organic produce such as eggs, yoghurt and honey to name a few .

A variety of dishes to tingle everyone’s taste bud
Enjoy social pre dinner drinks with family, friends and loved ones as the stunning sunset takes your breath away
Dinner service starts at 19:00.

A Reservation is a MUST as its very popular, kindly contact us on our WhatsApp assistance line or reserve a table through our restaurant team.
An itemized copy will be kept in the reception for the duration of your stay, should you wish to check it at any point during your stay here with us

Allergies &Dietary requirements
Please could you kindly inform us about any allergies/Dietary requirements as soon as possible and we will do our upmost best to try and accommodate these needs.


Mudahir AKDAĞ

Executive Chef

 Müdahir’s journey as a culinary professional began as a teenager helping in the kitchens of  Dionysos Village Hotel on the Bozburun peninsula. At Dionysos, he had the chance to work with one of Turkey’s well-known chefs,  Didem Şenol,  who he accompanied to Istanbul to become the head-chef at her restaurant “Lokanta Maya” - described as one of the best high-end restaurants in Istanbul by The Guardian and included as one of Istanbul’s most popular spots by Yotam OTTOLENGHI. Moving on from “Lokanta Maya”, his educational journey continued as head-chef at the well-renowned Istanbul restaurants: Aheste Pera and Kantin  Nışantışı, owned  by  Turkey's most celebrated female chef, Semsa Denizsel.

​However, throughout this time his heart always remained on the Aegean coast where the quality of life was calling him back and his family roots were firmly planted. Müdahir returned with his partner Ezgi to establish ‘Kaftan’ at The Bay hotel in Kalkan with Fairlight Jones. ‘Kaftan’ rapidly gained a well-deserved reputation for being ‘the’ place to dine in Kalkan, receiving stunning feedback. 

​In 2020, he moved even closer to home and together with Refik Korhan Demiröz, created   Hoo Ga Burger & Wrap, a new generation fast food experience. The   two entrepreneurs have mastered the understanding of combining taste with perfect service with more than 20 years of experience in the gastronomy and service sector. 

​He is now here at  Florya Kumlubuk to take you on a journey into his modern take on Turkish Cuisine 


Sustainable Tourism

As Florya Kumlubük family, to offer a sustainable future to the region we live in, we have taken our first steps as of 2022.

Sustainability is defined as, the activities carried out to organize the life of today and the future, by protecting natural resources, establishing a balance between people and nature, and thefore enabling future generations to develop and meet their needs.

As Florya Kumlubük family, we are aware of our responsibilities regarding sustainable tourism and we are determined to leave a better world for future generations. Our sole goal is to carry on the "No Waste Culture" we learned from our own families in our childhood, and pass it on to the region we live in, and to the people of this region and its future.


With this goal in mind, we have primarily worked on producing and recycling, instead of consuming. We aim to share the developments we have achieved in line with our sustainability efforts we initiated, and thus by increasing the awareness we build, we aim to create common goals for the upcoming years and turn those into success stories.


Out and about


Turunç takes its name from the citrus fruits that at one time covered the whole village.

Turunç literally means "bitter orange". Located on the Mediterranean coast ,it has become a very popular seaside town resort  and is known for its stunning mountainous and sea views with pristine beaches. 

The water taxi service allows you to enjoy the most breath-taking scenery as you make your journey to Marmaris.
The town consists of 4 main Supermarkets, a Post office(PTT) Dentist and a small bakery and many small boutique and souvenier shops.

There are over 50  restaurants and they all serve good food but these are the most popular ones:

Hooga XL- A burger and cocktail bar.

It can easily be said that it is one of the best burger places in this region. It is not only a burger place, a variety of pasta dishes, a selection of salads, and there are also meat options available in the evening. Delicious fast food with a Turkish elegant touch. At the same time, you will get to taste some of the best cocktails , along with some music nights
A spacious beachfront , where you can enjoy your day to  relax, swim and sunbathe. 

Fidan Restaurant has an extensive menu of Turkish and international dishes. Seafood is their speciality . Choose from their chiller cabinet for the fresh catch of the day.

Yali Beach’s evening menu is extensive and imaginative and features both international and traditional Turkish cuisine. 
Pisces is a fine dining restaurant located on the seafront. Delicious and a variety of dishes to taste.

Körfez is one of the oldest restaurants in the village. The menu features traditional Turkish dishes plus international favourites.
If you would like to make a dinner reservation please kindly contact us on the WhatsApp assistance line.


Kumlubük means sandy bay. Its’s a beautiful beach with sandy/pebble shores , crystal clear waters and a stunning view of the Aegean sea. A great place to swim, sunbathe and relax.


 ‘Hollandali Ahmet’ This is one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in this region. Visit at least once to enjoy and experience their unique cuisine.

Pebble Beach Restaurant.  Their menu encompasses of a wide range  of delicious Turkish food .

‘Dionysos Village Hotel’ which sits on top of a jaw-dropping canyon overlooking the Bay of Kumlubük . Their menu provides you with every aspect of modern and tradition Turkish cuisine.

If you would like to make a dinner reservation please kindly contact us on the WhatsApp assistance line.


Amos is the next small bay before Turunç, set in a beautiful location and  surrounded by  stunning mountainous and sea views. By road it's about a ten minute drive from Kumlubük.


The Amos Antik Kent (Amos Castle) is a place that we strongly recommend for you to visit. With spectacular 360 degrees views of all 3 bays, a view that will be cherished forever.

You will get to see a fairly well preserved hillside amphitheatre. The earliest known settlement at Amos dates back to the Hellenistic period (330 - 30 BC). 


As you go through the site of Amos, you will end up on the beachfront.




‘Amos Restaurant’ is a family run restaurant . Choices vary from fresh seafood ,vegetarian and meat dishes.

You will not be disappointed. 


If you would like to make a dinner reservation please kindly contact us on the

WhatsApp assistance line.

Hidden Gems in the Bozburun Peninsula

Take a day and explore the Bozburun peninsula .A stunning and beautiful part of this region. 
Stop at
Bayır Village. A lovely small Turkish village,where you can stop for a rest and have a Turkish coffee or tea under the famous ancient plain tree. Take a stroll and  explore the small shops where they sell local honey, nuts and small souveniers. 
Maybe, stop at one the local places just outside of Bayir where you can enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast.  
Carry on driving along the stunning the coast and follow the signs into
Selimiye is very posh and up market location. It is  famously well known as being the hotspot for an overnight stop especially for sailors and most of the tourists. 
Take a walk along this beautiful coast and discover the small boutique shops, cafes and restaurants along the bay. 
The following restaurants are the most popular and well known for their delicious seafood.
Sardunya  located on the seafront with amazing views.
Hidayetin  yeri. Delicious food at a stunning location.
If you would like to make a dinner reservation please kindly contact us on the

WhatsApp assistance line.
You can cary on driving around the coast and arrive to

This is a small village but a very popular and expensive holiday destination.
Söğüt is probably the most beautiful and un spoilt village on the southern coast of the peninsula. The bay of Söğüt provides exceptionally calm protected waters so is popular with yacht cruises that pop into the bay during a cruise to the local Greek Islands of Symi, Tilos and Rhodes. 

The following are the most popular and well known for their seafood dishes.

Manzara has Stunningly breath taking views. Their prices are a little on the expensive side but its definitely worth a visit.

Deniz kızı their Calamari and Octopus mezes are not to be missed.

If you would like to make a dinner reservation please kindly contact us on the

WhatsApp assistance line.

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