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Sustainable Tourism

As Florya Kumlubük family, to offer a sustainable future to the region we live in, we have taken our first steps as of 2022.

Sustainability is defined as, the activities carried out to organize the life of today and the future, by protecting natural resources, establishing a balance between people and nature, and thefore enabling future generations to develop and meet their needs.

As Florya Kumlubük family, we are aware of our responsibilities regarding sustainable tourism and we are determined to leave a better world for future generations. Our sole goal is to carry on the "No Waste Culture" we learned from our own families in our childhood, and pass it on to the region we live in, and to the people of this region and its future. 
With this goal in mind, we have primarily worked on producing and recycling, instead of consuming. We aim to share the developments we have achieved in line with our sustainability efforts we initiated, and thus by increasing the awareness we build, we aim to create common goals for the upcoming years and turn those into success stories.

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